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Pro Board Shop Shop for Complete Snowboard Packages
April 03, 2015, 05:22:21 AM by Frosty
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The outdoor gear industry has been busy developing wearable high-tech gear for spring skiers and snowboarders. Keep your eye out for magic jackets that heat in cold and cool in heat, hike-friendly ski boots, memory fit shells, power socks, backpacks with airbag safety features, glare-diminishing lenses and smart audio gear for your helmet.

Your outdoor life just got a whole lot easier.

Magic Jackets

The outer layer is of one of the most important pieces of ski gear because no matter the conditions, it’s your shield. Fortunately, jackets are getting smarter and allowing for temperature control, even in extreme conditions. For example, the H2 Flow by Helly Hansen is a new design that comes with its own insulation and ventilation system. You won’t know it&rs...

January 08, 2015, 11:04:56 AM by Frosty
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This time of year one of the most popular activities is to hit the slopes and spend a quality day or weekend skiing or snowboarding down the trails of your most popular resort area. And while this can be a great source of exercise, it's also an excellent way to bond with your friends and family. No matter where you live or what kind of weather you are accustomed to, an extended period in the cold or snow can seep into your bones. Here are a few tips and techniques to warm up!

Make a Fire

It’s our oldest and most reliable source of warmth. Use the fire pit in your backyard and throw a bonfire party, or settle down in front of a romantic blaze in the fireplace of your family room. A fire doesn’t even have to be the focal point of the evening, just put the fire on in the background and have a blast with your friends and family.

Hot Chocolate...

January 14, 2014, 02:59:30 PM by Frosty
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Skiing and Snowboarding in Austria
By Suzanne Bender

Austria has excellent snowfalls, world-class ski resorts, slopes to suit all levels, it's easy to get to and it can also be very affordable if you look around. The largest and most moderately priced area is St. Anton. This is an area that attracts serious skiers that are up at dawn to conquer the mountains.

There are specially designated parks and facilities for snowboarders and countless cross-country tracks. If you are looking for deep powder off-piste (unmarked and ungroomed runs) and almost certain big snowfalls, check out the [url=...
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