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Author Topic: Vid-Tips: Snowboarding Tips, History, Equipment : Snowboarding 101  (Read 766 times)

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Snowboarding Tips & Equipment : Snowboarding 101

21 October 2011, 10:38 am

(Embedding disabled, limit reached)Snowboarding Tips & Equipment : Snowboarding 101 (Embedding disabled, limit reached)

In snowboarding, the boot is a little stiffer and tighter-fitting than the average boot, and there is a binding that keeps the snowboarder attached to the board. Find out why snowboarders usually wear loose clothing with help from the manager of a sport shop in this free video on snowboarding basics. Expert: Matt Hall Contact: Bio: Matt Hall is the service manager at the Outspokin Bicycle and Sport shop in Newbury, NH Filmmaker: Adam Brisbine
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